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I wish I could mention that I received my first camera when I was 11 years old, but the truth is that when I finally discovered photography, I already visited 37 countries and never bothered to take a single shot.


I was 42 when my best friends, knowing about my interest in travel and people, offered me a book from Steve McCurry called "Portraits". It was an instant revelation, a moment of epiphany that became a genuine passion.


I immediately knew that my camera would become the perfect instrument of connection between myself and the people I would meet along my path, and since then, my travels have been profoundly enriched by these precious encounters from all walks of life.


I was always fascinated by rituals, traditions, personal adornments and cultures, and now, I was able to capture these unique and significant moments of life and to create visual documents that reveal the depths of human emotion.


Graphic designer by profession, visual representation of ideas and messages were already part of my work, and for me, photography is a natural extension of the creative universe I am part of. Coupled with my passion for travel and discovery, my main photographic interests are engaging street portraits, together with landscapes and urban scenes.


My work have been published in many travel guides, specialized magazines, in-flight brochures and books.

"Roberge's approach to photography is a direct extension of his sensitivity and authenticity. The intimate connection he establishes with the people he photographs is manifest and epitomizes the body of his work.


His iconic images are the result of meticulous compositions, distinctive points of view and singular esthetic."

Sarina Singh

journalist, travel writer and author. 

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